Spotlight on: Oskar Blues Brewery

We recently got the chance to speak with Rob Johnson, Adam Smith and John Garrity of Oskar Blues Brewery's New York sales team. Here's what they had to say about their brand and its future in the craft beer industry. 

What makes  Oskar Blues different?

Adam- We’ve got a local feel to our brand, plus our beer is really, really good. Also, the Dale’s can is iconic- it’s a canned craft beer with classic, patriotic colors. It’s really sought after.

Rob- It’s got to be the freshness of the beer. We never have any ingredients left over. They truck them in, we make the beer and it’s out the door.

Adam- Yeah, the beer is definitely fresh. We print the date it was canned right near the bottom. This one says 9/15. So yeah, it’s really fresh.

What do you guys think the expansion into Austin, TX means for Oskar Blues?

Rob- We’re getting bigger, our sales are through the roof. Getting into the Austin scene will be good for us, but we’re still going to bring that local feel to our brand.

John- Just like when we expanded into North Carolina, it's all about bringing our beer to new areas and getting the logistics down. We’re going to be able to get our beer in your hands even faster. 

Where do you see Oskar Blues in the next 3 years?

Rob- Once you’ve got your big-boy pants on in this industry, it’s hard to keep moving up. But we’re going to be putting out more stuff and keep on climbing.

John- Top 10 brewer, for sure. 

What should people know before they pick up an Oskar Blues can?

John- The can is light; you can throw it in your backpack and go.

Rob- Like I said before, it’s about the process. It’s old-fashioned; with fresh ingredients and a fast turnaround.

Adam- We’re a lot of fun, our beer is good and we have a love for it. Plus, if you look under the can, the head brewer always prints something new on the bottom with every batch.

Thanks for your time, guys! Make sure to grab yourself a can of Oskar Blues and see what all the noise is about!