Banks Beer


The storied history of one of this island’s most beloved and iconic brands began onSeptember 6, 1961, as Banks (Barbados) Breweries Limited opened its doors in Wildey, St. Michael and commenced production of Banks Beer, Barbados’ premium lager, and later, other indigenous brands such as PLUS, Tiger Malt, Canon Stoute, Coconut Cooler, Fruesta, and TWIST Shandy, just to name a few. The Brewery is also the local bottler and distributor of Guinness, and has been recognised by the world renowned brand for its maintenance of the highest level of quality and international standards.

Founded by Peter Stanislaus D’Aguiar, a Guyanese businessman with vast experience in the bottling industry, Banks (Barbados) Breweries Limited owes its existence to the over 3,000 Barbadians (shopkeepers, small investors, vendors, and persons of all walks of life) who in 1959, lent their financial support to the company by purchasing over 1.5 million shares, providing the brewery with the capital injection necessary to fuel its growth and development into one of Barbados most successful manufacturing companies today.