Pints with Sierra Nevada's Ken Grossman

Ken Grossman, Founder of Sierra Nevada and a pioneer of craft beer, gives us a look at his venerated craft brewery.
How did you get your start in craft brewing?

Bell's Smitten has arrived!

The beer we love has arrived! Bell’s Smitten is a gold and hazy ale with “rustic flavors from rye malt combined with citrus, resinous hop aroma” to create a refreshing and crisp taste. We are smitten with this seasonal beer, and we’ll be drinking it throughout this month of love! Be sure to grab a pack to warm you up during this cold winter month!

New Belgium Launch Week Promotion Schedule

We are working closely with New Belgium Brewery to launch their brand in Massachusetts! Take a look at our promotion schedule for launch week and try some of their great products! Monday 2/13/17 3:30-5:00 One Stop Market (Haverhill) 3:30-5:00 Kappys (Danvers) 5:30-7:00 Grill Next Door (Haverhill) 7:30-8:30 Barking Dog Alehouse (Haverhill) Tuesday 2/14/17 3:45-5:00 Liquor Junction (Reading) 3:45-5:00 Drum Hill Liquors (Chelmsford) 5:45-7:45 Tremonte (Lowell) 8:00-10:00 Thirsty First (Lowell) Wednesday 2/15/17 3:30-5:45 Kappys (Peabody) 3:30-5:45 Merchants Liquor Mart (Danvers)

Tröegs Nugget Nectar is here!

We can’t forget our first squeeze of Tröegs Nugget Nectar. Lucky for all of us along the Hudson Valley, Adirondacks and Capital Region, it’s back! Nugget Nectar can be described as an “excessively dry hopped…explosion of pine, resin and mango”. You will want to get your hands on this fresh and hoppy Imperial Amber Ale. We can’t wait to get another squeeze of this once a year beer!

A Pint with Sixpoint Brewer Keir Hamilton

Sixpoint Brewer Keir Hamilton talks about getting his start in craft beer, what's new at Sixpoint, his thoughts on the NYC craft beer scene and more!
How did you get your start in craft brewing?

Hopslam is coming back to New York!

Bell's Brewery Hopslam Ale will be back again in New York towards the end of January! A double IPA brewed with honey and six different hop varieties. John Mallett, Director of Operations at Bell’s describes Hopslam as “a fresh, hoppy beer [that] embodies what hops tastes like”. Hopslam is only brewed once a year to ensure freshness, as well as excitement for this tasty beer! We can’t wait to put these on the shelves for everyone to enjoy!

A pint with Tröegs Brewing

The Trogner brothers of Tröegs Brewing give us a look at their craft brewery, along with a peek at their highly-anticipated winter seasonals Mad Elf and Blizzard of Hops.
Where did name for Tröegs come from?
It’s a family nickname, derived from our surname, Trogner. We combined Trogner with Kroeg, the Flemish word for pub, and got Tröegs. 

New Beligum Announces MA Launch February 2017

On February 13, 2017, New Belgium will kick off sales in its 46th state, Massachusetts. New Belgium Brewing Company went with 4 AB distributors: Girardi, Seabord Products, Williams and L Knife and Sons. L Knife and Seabord are Sheehan Family Cos, as is craft-focused Craft Brewers Guild, which will carry New Belgium Brewing Company in Boston.


Pints on Long Island's North Fork with Greenport Harbor

John Liegey and Rich Vandenburgh, Co-Founders of Greenport Harbor Brewing Company.

John Liegey & Rich Vandenburg, Co-Founders of Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, gave us the story of their roots, a tour of their new brewery and a sneak peek of what's to come. 

Where did the name for Greenport Harbor come from?

Our name comes from the harbor town where our original 15 barrel brewery resides. We love Greenport because despite the fact that it has become very popular with second homeowners and tourists, at its heart it is still a pretty badass boat building and fishing village.