Fall Brews

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In November....the crisp air rolls in and we join together with family and friends. Allagash Brewing has many options for you to enjoy on your outdoor adventures, sharing stories around the fireplace or dinner table. Join us in exporing some of their many options below.

Allagash WHitre Line up


Witbier With Balanced Citrus And Spice | 5.4% ABV

Their award-winning interpretation of a Belgian-style wheat beer is brewed with oats, malted wheat, and raw wheat for a hazy “white” appearance. Spiced with our own special blend of coriander and Curaçao orange peel, Allagash White upholds the Belgian tradition of beers that are both complex and refreshing. 

River Trip


Belgian-Style Session Ale | 4.8% ABV

A companion to backyards, backwoods, and balconies alike. River Trip is a low-ABV, Belgian-style table beer with hop-forward grapefruit and stone fruit notes. It’s brewed with local grains and spiced with coriander for an extra hint of citrus. Dry hopping with Comet and Azacca contributes to the mix of melon and grapefruit notes in the beer’s aroma. Good for any adventure.

North Sky


Stout | 7.5% ABV

Like a clear night lit by stars, this silky Belgian-inspired stout balances light notes of fruit and sweetness with roasty malt. Inspired by late evenings spent around a crackling campfire, North Sky is brewed to merge lightness and darkness into a super-sippable stout.

Adventure Pack


Essential Provisions For Any Expedition


The key to your next adventure. Whether that’s summiting your couch or relaxing on a far-flung peak, this variety pack has you covered. Allagash has packed up their award-winning witbier Allagash White,  refreshing, dry-hopped pale ale, River Trip, organic golden ale Fine Acre, and—only available in this pack—the roasty and dark wheat ale, Great Woods. Cheers to whatever adventure you choose! 

Great Woods



Deep within Great Woods, you’ll find comforting notes of roasty malt, spice, and dark fruit. Allagash hopes that this layered, dry, and dark wheat ale helps you find a cozy bit of home, wherever you happen to roam.

Fire Acre

Organic Golden Ale | 5.5% ABV

A celebration of the fine land where this organic golden ale’s ingredients originated. Fine Acre’s organic grain bill yields a balanced flavor that is both cultivated and refreshing.

What Is Organic Beer?

USDA Organic is a label that carries a whole host of meanings. When talking about organic beer, the idea is that every ingredient that went into the beer, from grain to yeast to hops, abides by USDA organic standards. So what are those standards?

In an organic beer, no GMO products can be used. The land used to cultivate the organic ingredients that go into the beer can have no synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides used for a period of three years. Organic producers must also undergo an inspection of their farm annually, at least. On the brewing side, we have to clean out our brewing system (over what we usually do) before we brew with organic ingredients to ensure no cross-contamination with any non-organic products. In a nutshell, that’s what it means.

You can read all of the USDA specifics around what it means to be organic here: https://www.ams.usda.gov/grades-standards/organic-standards.

Their very first year-round organic beer, Fine Acre, was certified organic by MOFGA Certification Services, which is the certification entity of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA). The beer itself is a Belgian-style golden ale brewed to deliver a nice balance of flavor and refreshment. Its organic grain bill and hops are sourced both from local growers and from away.

While Fine Acre is their first year-round certified organic beer, they actually brew with organic ingredients across a number of their beers. You’ll find organic oats in both Allagash White and River Trip, to name two of their year-round beers. Looking forward—with more organic grain and hops being grown locally—they're  planning on building more organic ingredients into future Allagash beers.

For a little more information about MOFGA—on top of their certification services, they also offer farmer programs department provides technical assistance to growers that helps them through the transition to organic production. The organization also helps farms that are already certified organic develop their knowledge to grow more, better organic crops. Organic production means trying new techniques for growers and MOFGA’s educational resources aim to assist growers through every step of production.