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Handcrafted from 100% Blue Agave, grown at high elevations of Jalisco’s Highlands, Espanita is estate-bottled at one of Mexico's most respected artisanal distilleries. Created by using hand-selected ripe Agaves and ancestral production methods, Espanita is a sophisticated and velvety smooth spirit, which accentuates characteristics that are exclusive to tequila alone: the distinctive aromas and delectable flavors of traditionally slow-baked Blue Agave.

Espanita is aged in lightly charred American white oak barrels that were previously used in Bourbon production to ensure mellow and complex bourbon-finished flavor.

COLOR:Silvery, colorless, of impeccable purity.
AROMA:Candied aromas and flavors of marzipan, chocolate mint, sage, bay leaf and lemongrass.
FLAVOR:Entry is silky smooth, harmonious and creamy in texture. Vibrant, fruity light-to medium body with rich flavors of hazelnut spread, black peppercorn, rosemary and thyme and intense herbaceous zestiness of Agave fibers.
FINISH:The finish is long, herbal with a hint of lingering, delectable agave syrup sweetness at the end. Smooth and mellow.
COCKTAILS:Perfect in Margarita, Bloody Maria, Tequila Caesar, Sangrita, and in a variety of tequila coolers and spritzers.
AWARDS:4 Stars - Spirit Journal
"Highly Recommended" - F. Paul Pacult

To ensure authentic taste of Highlands-born tequilas, Espanita Blanco is crafted from 100% mature Blue Agaves by using ancestral production techniques and bottled fresh from the still. As a result, Espanita Blanco is bursting with zesty, peppery aromas of freshly baked agaves and retains intense, clean, herbaceous flavors; a tequila in its purest form.

We recommend enjoying Espanita Blanco neat or on the rocks, served in a whiskey glass over a large chunk of ice. Swirl it gently and you will be surprised by the complexity of its taste and aromas when tequila gradually opens and develops in a glass.

"Brilliant clear color. Candied aromas and flavors of marzipan, chocolate mint, and rice pudding with a glycerous, vibrant, fruity light-to-medium body and a warming, stimulating, breezy hazelnut spread, dried rosemary and thyme, and olive brine finish. A smooth and mellow Blanco Tequila."  - BEVERAGE TESTING INSTITUTE

COLOR:Unblemished purity. Golden color.
AROMA:Succulent and creamy with wafting scents of spiced butter, vanilla butterscotch, jasmine tea, crystallized ginger and underlying saline, zesty and slightly peppery herbal presence of freshly roasted agave.
FLAVOR:Entry is notably creamy and focused on roasted agave with a wealth of flavors including walnut, kola nut and subtle notes of sassafras and sweet tarragon. Velvety, vibrant, fruity body.
FINISH:Long finish with notes of candied banana, coconut cream and Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains.
COCKTAILS:Perfect in Margarita, Paloma, Tequila Sunrise, Batanga and Mexican Mule.
AWARDS:5 Stars - Spirit Journal
"Highest Recommendation" - F. Paul Pacult
GOLD MEDAL and 94 Points - Beverage Testing Institute
"Exceptional" - Beverage Testing Institute
"Best Buy" Award - Wine Enthusiast

Espanita Reposado is aged for 6 months in slightly charred American white oak barrels that are sourced from Bourbon manufacturers in Kentucky. The previous use of the barrels in Bourbon production results in smoother tequila and adds delicious bourbon-driven notes. 

Charring the casks caramelizes and releases sugars and other delicious flavoring agents, allowing for exquisite vanilla and caramel notes to develop. As a result, Espanita Reposado offers a harmonious balance between subtle oaky and vanilla undertones acquired from wood and robust, earthy Agave flavors.

"Golden yellow color. Exotic, floral aromas of jasmine tea, crystallized ginger and bubblegum, vanilla butterscotch glazed popcorn, and turkish delight with a velvety, vibrant, fruity medium body and a prodigious, long candied banana, coconut cream, Muscat a Petit grains, and sweet tarragon finish. A fascinating and exotic tequila; each sip offers something new to discover." - Beverage Testing Institute

COLOR:Pale amber color, superb purity.
AROMA:Succulent, wafting bouquet with whiffs of aromatic honey oak that gives way to a rich nuanced roasted agave aroma with traces of citrus tree wood, almond nougat and caraway.
FLAVOR:Luscious and velvety entry. A slightly chewy, fruity, sweet medium-to-full body redolent of thick honey and fresh grass, vanilla, toasted marshmallow with notes of sassafras and apple.
FINISH:Smooth and long finish with rich flavors of honey, black tea, coconut flesh, banana and candy corn with apple and peppermint accents.
COCKTAILS:Excellent in Tequila Old Fashioned, Tequila Manhattan, Tequila Sour and Tequila Sidecar.
AWARDS:4 Stars - Spirit Journal
"Highly Recommended" - F. Paul Pacult

Espanita Anejo is aged for 18 months in small American oak casks previously used in Bourbon production. The result is the luxuriously smooth liquor rich in vanilla and caramel notes, which still retains its charming, honeyed flavors of slowly roasted Agave.

Espanita Anejo is designed to be sipped and savored. We recommend to use either a Glencairn whiskey glass or a stemmed brandy glass. Narrowed, tulip- shaped brim of the snifter allows you to immerse yourself in tequila’s delectable aromas in order to better appreciate the complex character of Espanita Anejo.

"Bright light gold color. Mature, inviting aromas of citrus tree wood, eucalyptus, almond nougat and caraway, and carnation with a slightly chewy, crisp, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a sleek, amusing, long thick honey and fresh grass, black tea and coconut flesh, banana and candy corn, and apple and peppermint finish." - Beverage Testing Institute


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