Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter bottle image in snow

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter is a true classic, pairing exceptionally well with your favorite chocolate dessert and the perfect gift for a special someone on Valentine’s Day.  

It combines vanilla beans from Madagascar with caramel and Munich malts to create a beer that’s both balanced and flavorful. Aromas of vanilla and toasted grain set the stage for mellow flavors of vanilla and dark roasted malts. Don’t let its deep mahogany color fool you. Vanilla Porter is dark in color and packed with flavor, yet it is as smooth as they come and easy to enjoy at any time of the year. If this doesn’t get your mouth watering, I’m not sure what will!

Did you know that Breck Vanilla Porter is also delicious in your favorite desserts? Try out Breckenridge’s very own delicious spin on a Tiramisu:

Vanilla Porter Beeramisu
The Players
1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream ( Whipped)
8 oz Mascarpone Cheese- Italian Cream Cheese
1 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
2 Eggs
48 Lady Finger Cookies
12 oz Breckenridge Vanilla Porter Beer
½ Cup Cocoa Powder
Whip heavy cream to soft peaks - set aside.  Combine mascarpone, sugar, vanilla & eggs- whip together.  fold whipped cream into cheese mixture.  Use a glass/pyrex 8x8 casserole dish.  Quick dip ladyfingers 1 at a time into Vanilla Porter.  Make a layer of dipped cookies.  Spread cheese and cream mixture to cover ½ inch.  Dust with cocoa.  Repeat the process.  Finish with dusted cocoa.  Refrigerate for 2 hours