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Craft NY is proud to be distributing Royal Meadery across the entire footprint for 2019! Gregory Wilhelm founded Royal Meadery in 2014, and today the company is still 100% family owned operated. Gregory used his own beehives for the initial commercial batches and today the honey selection is an integral part of the mead production. In 2017, the Meadery relocated to Delmar and shifted focus to more sessionable carbonated meads. So, what is mead? Mead, or “honey wine” is the oldest alcoholic drink known to mankind. It’s made from honey and water via fermentation with yeast. Many consumers believe that all mead is very sweet, which is not true. The flavor profile and carbonation can range, anywhere from sweet to dry and carbonated to still. Mead’s fermentable sugars must come from 51% honey, and the ABV can range from 0.5% to over 20% abv. Royal Meadery Offerings: All 6% ABV or less to fit under the NYS classification as wine product. These meads are carbonated and currently draft only, made with 100% NYS Honey and are gluten free! To Launch, we have two offerings. Meadjito – a mint and lime mead, semi sweet, and Black Tea Lemon - a semi-sweet mead with a nice finish of lemon to balance the natural sweetness of the honey. We look forward to sharing this great mead with you in 2019!