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Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers has been brewing world class lager using traditional German standards and American innovation since 2011. Founded by brothers Jack, Eric, and Sam Hendler, Jack’s Abby has become a mainstay of the craft brewing scene in the Northeast and nationwide. Since its inception, the brewery has continued to uphold its mission of brewing lagers, and only lagers. This mission challenges the idea that lagers belong to macro brewers and allows consumers to expand their palates and perceptions of what craft beer can be. The Hendlers grew up in a family that promoted entrepreneurship and hard work. Spending summers with their grandfather working at the family’s ice distribution company, they learned the value of committed family members and loyal employees - the foundation on which Jack’s Abby is based.


In October 2015, Jack’s Abby moved operations into a new brewery in downtown Framingham. The 67,000 square foot space features state-of-the-art brewing equipment including a canning line and a 60 barrel brewhouse, with the opportunity to scale up overall production to 125,000 barrels annually.

In September 2017, Jack’s Abby expanded into the adjacent building to open a second brand, Springdale Beer Co., adding 63,000 square feet to the campus. Today, over 1,000 wood barrels are aging over 80,000 gallons of beer at any given time.


Over 200 years ago in Bavaria, lagers were stored in large casks in cool caves high in the Alps. Lagers ferment at low temperatures for a longer time - while ales normally ferment for two weeks, lager fermentation takes upwards of 4-6 weeks. This is known as ‘lagering.’ The result of this process creates a smoother, crisper, more balanced beer. After honing this technique, lagers were brought to the forefront of Bavarian beer culture, surpassing the common ale and becoming the leading beer of choice in the region, soon dominating all of Europe.

Jack admired the beer culture in Germany after traveling through the country and experiencing different beer gardens. He then decided to switch careers and dove headfirst into the beer industry, taking jobs at local breweries and ultimately earning a degree from Doemen's in Munich. After gaining the necessary experience, he decided to open Jack's Abby in 2011 - the name is dedicated to his wife and the beer styles are dedicated to that first trip where he fell in love with German beer.

To create authentic German-style flavors, Jack’s Abby brews with traditional ingredients and techniques. The Jack’s Abby brewing team travels to Germany every year to procure German hops and malt from small family run operations in Bavaria. The brewers use old-world techniques of decoction and spunding to recreate historical lagers. In addition, Jack’s Abby brews boundary-pushing styles like its India Pale Lager: Hoponius Union. Jack’s Abby is loyal to lager, brewing the finest craft lagers using the highest quality ingredients.
Drink Lager.


The Jack’s Abby Beer Hall & Kitchen features a 5,000 square foot tasting room, restaurant, and private event space. An expansive outdoor Beer Garden for the warmer months opened in 2020.

The Beer Hall features 24 taplines, including a selection of brewery-only special releases. A varying selection of cans and bottles are available to take home.

The food menu focuses on fare that complements our beer brewed on-site - utilizing top-quality, locally sourced ingredients. A selection of Wood-Fired Pizzas is the cornerstone of the menu, while a succinct list of rotating, seasonal dishes round out the offerings.

A German Beer Hall atmosphere and catering from our Beer Hall menu provides a unique experience for private and semi-private events. The Fest Hall event space is complete with a private bar, AV equipment, and capacity for up to 75 people.


HOUSE LAGER – Landbier
What the Helles is a Landbier? Ours is sweet and golden with a full malty body, inspired by the country lagers of Bavaria. This Pale Bier is our House specialty. From Jack’s House to Your House!
ABV 5.2%

Hoponius Union harmoniously combines lager yeast fermentation and West Coast IPA hops. Our India style Pale Lager is like a traditional IPA but with a twist – it’s fermented cold and aged for extended periods. A blend of classic American hops creates a huge tropical fruit and citrusy hop aroma. A dry finish accentuates the pleasant bitterness and hop profile.
ABV 6.7%

Blood Orange Wheat debuted in our Beer Hall and it quickly became a fan favorite. This German-style radler is fruit forward, juicy, and bloody refreshing. Lean back and enjoy!
ABV 4%

POST SHIFT – Pilsner
There will be no working during drinking hours! Brewed with Bavarian malt and hops, this everyday Pilsner is bright, crisp, and refreshing. We think it’s the perfect way to end the work day. Clock out, post-up and enjoy!
ABV 4.7%

Shipping Out of Boston celebrates the rich and storied manufacturing history of New England. We built this beer with local ingredients inspired by the factories that were once world suppliers. It is a malty sweet and lightly hoppy amber lager that pays homage to the past while manufacturing a bold future.
ABV 5.3%

SMOKE & DAGGER – Black Lager
Cloaked in Mystery, this Black Lager is brewed with traditional old-world ingredients and cutting edge lagering techniques. The perfect balance between old and new.
ABV 5.8%

In addition to its core lineup, Jack’s Abby has a Seasonal Series, Kellerbier Series, Limited Series, and other Specialty releases. Please visit their website for a complete list of the latest seasonal and specialty lagers available.