vonTrapp Brewing Claims The Title!

With a dream to brew a homey, Austrian lager in America, Johannes von Trapp worked to start a brewery at his family’s lodge in Stowe, Vermont. His dream became a reality in 2010 when von Trapp Brewery opened for business. Since then, the brewery has expanded distribution throughout Vermont and various surrounding states to bring a little taste of Austria to the craft beer world. 



This passion for brewing has awarded the brewery with 4 awards from this year’s International Beer Competition in New York. The beers are brewed with pure Vermont spring water in addition to the finest traditional ingredients. The brewery incorporates the German Beer Purity Laws while using inspiration from their home in Austria to craft unique lagers. The brewery is located on the 2,500 acre grounds on the Trapp Family Lodge, a four-reason resort specializing in European-style accommodations and cuisine and completed a new brewing facility in 2015. In the 2018 International Beer Competition, the brewery was named the Pilsner Brewery of the Year. In addition, von Trapp Brewery also began producing four year-round lagers in 2015; Golden Helles, Bohemian Pilsner, Dunkel, and Vienna Style. In this year’s competition, their Pilsner was rewarded with a gold medal and the Golden Helles and Vienna Style lagers received bronze medals.



Make sure to visit vonTrapp Brewery during your next trip to Vermont and pick up some of their award winning lagers to get your little taste of Austria and a great beer drinking experience!

For more information, please visit: https://www.vontrappbrewing.com/