Summer of Sharks!

Whether you enjoy swimming in the ocean or not, you have probably wondered if there were sharks swimming around you. But have you ever wondered what beer would pair well with your favorite shark? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.





Great White

The Great White Shark is big, fast, intelligent, and one of the most fearsome predators in the sea. They range from 11 to 16 feet in size and their powerful tails help them move through the water at about 37 feet per hour! No wonder why they’re known as The King of Sharks.

If the King of Sharks if your favorite, then the Narragansett Lager is for you. This beer is a classic on the East Coast and is also featured in a classic about the Great White. In Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, Captain Quint sacrifices his life to help catch the big, scary fish that was terrorizing Amity Island. Captain Quint’s drink of choice when he was out searching for the Great White was a crisp, refreshing Narragansett Lager. Make sure to enjoy one this summer if you're a fan of the Great White.



As one of the fastest sharks in the ocean, the Mako Shark can swim through the water with lightening speeds at 44 miles per hour! This shark even has the ability to control it’s own temperature. This allows it to exist in both tropical regions and cold, temperature oceans.

If the Mako is your preferred shark, then you’d enjoy Avery Brewing’s Liliko'i Kepolo. This Belgian Style White Ale is brewed with passionfruit and is refreshingly tart. This beer will transport you to a tropical island, where you’d most likely encounter a Mako.


Hammerheads are massive in size. I mean, they can weight up to 1,000 pounds! They also have an odd, T-shaped head which has eyes at both end. They live in warm, tropical waters all over the world, even off the coats of the United States! If this strange-looking Hammerhead shark is for you, then you have to try Southern Tier’s 2X SMASH.

Southern Tier’s 2X SMASH gets its name from the way it’s brewed. This double IPA is brewed with only one hop and one malt. Both Mosaic Hops and Superior Pale Malt are smashed together to create a brilliant taste. Hammerheads moves from side to side, giving them a 360-degree field of view. This motion helps them keep their balance but you might find yourself losing yours with 2X SMASH


Tiger sharks are named after the stripes in their sides and they are one of the biggest sharks in the world. They have a massive appetite and are known to eat anything, from marine mammals to a tire (yes, a TIRE!). So obviously, Tiger sharks are pretty dangerous for humans but luckily, encounters are rare. 

When poured, Sixpoint Bengali IPA has rings down the glass like tiger stripes. This IPA is brewed with Mandarina Bavaria and Amarillo hops that give the beer citrus aroma, without being too bitter. Tiger sharks would devour this beer in seconds, so you should too!

Whale Shark

Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the ocean and can weigh up to 34 tons! Even though they are so big, they don’t eat big things. The whale shark is only one of three filter feeding sharks that gulp large quantities of water. In fact, 1,500 gallons of water can pass through its gills every hour! This water if full of plankton and small fish which the shark feeds on. 

A quality filtered IPA is perfect for you if you’re a Whale Shark lover. We recommend Lagunitas IPA. This India Pale Ale is very well-rounded with 43 different hops and 65 various malts! It is brewed with Caramel Malt barley which provides the richness that balances out the hops. Now the real question is how many tons of beer can pass through a Whale Shark’s gills every hour?


The Megaladon went extinct 2.6 million years ago, but the obsession is still very real. The Megaladon was the biggest shark that ever existed. They grew to at least 52 feet and were three times larger than a Great White.

The ruler of the seas could only be matched with Sloop Juice Bomb. This unfiltered IPA showcases citrusy, juicy notes with tropical aromas that is followed by a resiny and balanced flavor. Sloop Juice Bomb is pretty awesome and will soon be your go-to IPA.