Introducing Narragansett Fresh Catch!

“Seafood is woven into the fabric of every New Englander”, said Mark Hellendrung, president of Narragansett Beer. Seafood is a staple in every Coastal Town up and down the Atlantic. Narragansett’s new year-round brew, Fresh Catch celebrates the American fishing tradition!

For years, Fisherman have worked long hours away from family and battled harsh conditions out at sea to bring back great, high quality seafood for everyone to enjoy. That’s why Fresh Catch is an ode to fisherman. Fresh Catch is a refreshing blonde ale, dry hopped with citra for a crisp finish. This brew features citrus and passion fruit that are perfect for pairing with shellfish or whitefish.

This beer is in honor of the hardworking fisherman who value the importance of family, friends, and heritage. Celebrate with us and enjoy a Fresh Catch!


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