Flying Embers New Releases

Flying Embers new node

Have you had a chance to try a hard kombucha yet?  Meet Flying Embers!  Flying Embers was born in Ojai, California, during a massive wildfire that threatened their homes and their brewery.  Humbled by the event that shaped them, Flying Embers donates a portion of proceeds to first responders. Flying Embers Hard Kombucha is created by naturally fermenting premium black tea, cane sugar, authentic SCOBY, whole plant botanicals, adaptogens, and superfruits. These non-pasteurized sparkling hard teas are dry, balanced, and flavorful. Furthermore, every kombucha from Flying Embers is USDA organic, gluten free, and 0g of residual sugar and carbs.

Flying Embers is excited to launch their new flagship, Orange Passion Mimosa.  

Flying Embers Orange Passion Mimosa

A subtly sweet combination of citrus and natural tangy kombucha, finished with hints of tropical passionfruit and guava. Invite new consumers to the category with a Better-for-You alternative to a cocktail classic. At 6.9% ABV but only 130 calories for the entire can, Orange Passion Mimosa is a great addition to any beverage list!

Also now available, Tropical Hops Variety 6 Pack. 

Flying Embers Tropical Hops mix 6 pk

Trial and variety lead the alternative categories, where consumers love to try different and new flavors. Flying Embers Tropical Hops Variety 6 is just this – 3 unique,  imperial styles featuring tropical fruits and hop flavors. Guava Citra, Passionfruit Simcoe, and Spicy Mango Mosaic will invite craft beer consumers to try Kombucha!