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Massachusetts, 1991: It started with a dream, or rather...two dreams. Two young brothers, Ross and Matt Brockman, awoke at the exact moment. Both had experienced similar visions. “Unfiltered Craft Cider!”, they both exclaimed, in unison. They were four years old and seven years old, respectively. Twenty years later, the dream became reality. After years of twists and turns, Downeast was born in a dorm room at Bates College. Years of recipe tweaking on an old orchard in Maine led them to unfiltered Original Blend in 2011. 


Vodka soda cans on beach

Since their humble beginnings, Downeast Cider has grown to be on the forefront of the craft cider world. Playing with flavor profiles to create fun recipes such as Cider Donut and Blue Slushie. We are proud to feature their newest innovation: vodka soda. Their first ever canned cocktail. Here for summer, in a mix pack of eight with 4 fresh and bright flavors: black cherry, grapefruit, pineapple and lime. At only 100 calories each with a 4.5% ABV. Made with Real Vodka and Real Fruit. It’s easy. It’s very, very easy to drink and carry (the cans are light). A great addition to any summer outdoor adventure.