Craft NY Welcomes Embark Craft Ciderworks to Eastern NY!

Embark Cider

We are pleased to announce a fantastic addition to the ever growing Craft NY portfolio, Embark Craft Ciderworks! Embark is available in our entire footprint, offering some of the finest local ciders in the market.

Embark Craft Ciderworks was founded by apple growers, passionate about farming and showcasing unique flavor profiles in craft ciders. As farmers first and foremost, Embark knows it’s the quality and uniqueness of the apples they use that make a great cider. Their trust in the apples (and in some cases, other fruits and natural ingredients) provide the exceptional flavor you’ve come to love. No artificial ingredients needed.

The cider makers are made up of Jack Lagoner and Chris Gowan. Jake Lagoner is a fifth-generation Lagoner to own and operate the family farm. He grew up in the orchards at Lagoner Farms and has been farming full-time for 13 years. After developing an interest in fermentation in college, Jake began making wine with juice from the Finger Lakes, but knew he wanted to make cider after tasting a bottle from Farnum Hill Ciders. Blown away with the flavors coming from the apples, he slowly began to develop the idea of what Embark Craft Ciderworks has become.

Chris Gowan is a Williamson native who grew up enjoying time on his great grandmother’s and great uncle Cooney’s fruit farms. After attending college, still in search of his passion, he began working at Lagoner Farms in the fall of 2008. Since then Chris has spent the last 7 years learning the lay of the land at Lagoner Farms becoming a farm manager and integral part of the business. His desire for growing high quality fruit transpired into his new love for making cider. You can often find him experimenting with a new blend or behind the bar sharing his passion in a glass.

Ask your sales rep for more info and check out the link below!

Embark Craft Ciderworks