The In-Cider Scoop on Downeast Cider's New Look

During their senior year of college, Ross Brockman and Tyler Mosher decided to embark on a journey that would eventually take them far from the family orchard. With a boundless love for farm-fresh apple products and the addition of Ross’s older brother Matt; the three crafted the original unfiltered hard cider that you know and love today as Downeast Cider.

This year, the team decided they needed something new. It was time to shake up the can (and this time, it wasn’t only to distribute the flavor). This new packaging highlights the way the cider is made. Since it’s unfiltered, every sip you take will have all the flavor since every apple that goes into a can of Downeast stays in the can. 


But Wait! There’s more to be excited about! Try DOUBLE BLEND, similar to the original flavor, just a bit stronger. Or try DRIER SIDE- light, crisp, and refreshing! This cider is everything you will want on a hot summer day. 

And last but certainly not least…ALOHA FRIDAY is coming back! Look out for this specialty cider this summer!


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