Be the Perfect Host with Toma

Picture this…It’s Sunday morning and you invited all of your close friends over for brunch. You prepared something savory, something sweet, some sort of fruit, and some salad and they’re all ready to be served. You’re house is neat and tidy, your table all set, and you even had time to run out to the local flower shop to get a fresh arrangement of hydrangeas for the table. You have the champagne, vodka, and OJ but there’s one thing you're missing to make this brunch perfect…Toma Artisanal Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix!

Bloody Marys are essential to every brunch which is why you need Toma. Toma is made from scratch and is produced in New York! It combines the richness of the tomato with the tart acidity of the tomatillo. The Tomatillo brings balance to the fatty foods at brunch with its citrus note that works perfectly with savory dishes. This unique blend is made with Toma’s very own chipotle tomatillo sauce, sriracha, and steak sauce to give a peppery and slightly smoky flavor that your guests will obsess over! 

So the next time you’re hosting make sure to include Toma to serve your guests a new and delicious Bloody Mary experience.

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