Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

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Breckenridge Vanilla Porter is a true classic, pairing exceptionally well with your favorite chocolate dessert and the perfect gift for a special someone on Valentine’s Day.  

Welcome Revitalyte Electrolyte Solution

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Revitalyte was purpose-built for optimal recovery!

Revitalyte was created by people who were tired of inconvenient and embarrassing trips to the baby aisle (we’ve all been there). We created Revitalyte using the same medically-proven formula commonly found in “over the counter” electrolyte solutions. 

Revitalyte treats the symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration, with each ingredient (including the sugar) added in specific quantities to deliver maximum effectiveness.

Bold Rock

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Bold Rock offers a diversified line of award-winning craft beverage products including Hard Ciders, Teas and Lemonades crafted from fresh, locally-sourced apples in Virginia and North Carolina. The story of Bold Rock Hard Cider starts with an unlikely partnership between two guys from different sides of the world. These two salt-of-the-earth characters – one southern gentleman, the other an affable bloke – founded Bold Rock in June of 2012 and since that time it has become the nation’s largest independently-owned cider company.

Howler Head

Howler Head Bottle

Craft NY is proud to be distributing Howler Head Bourbon across the entire footprint for 2020! Jason Wooler, (of Wooler Brands), partners with emerging and established beverage brands with distinctive personalities, unique packaging and products that challenge category leaders. Enter Howler Head.  This banana infused Kentucky Straight Bourbon strikes a great balance between oak, sweetness and their self-proclaimed “straight from the jungle bananarama goodness”. While full of puns and good humor, they’re not monkeying around.

3 Floyds

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3 Floyds, one of the most sought-after breweries in the world, available in NY for the first time ever.

From humble beginnings in 1996—armed with only a few hundred dollars, a five-barrel Frankenstein wok-burner-fired brew kettle, repurposed open Swiss cheese fermenters (Hammond Squares) and an old Canfield’s Cola tank—"It’s Not Normal” ales and lagers were born. 



LIIT is Blue Point Brewing's new highly crushable hard sparking teas with just a hint of sweetness. FYI: 90's playlist and sunscreen highly recommended for pairing.

To deliver the most flavor, they put Mango, Lemon, and Raspberry Lime into a variety pack. LIIT blends 100% natural flavors with real tea to create a clean, balanced, and refreshing beverage for any occasion. At 5% ABC and GLUTEN FREE, LIIT is the ultimate option for backyard BBQs, pool-side blowouts, long beach days, and bonfires in the yard.



Seersucker's Southern Style Gin is all about celebrating Southern Hospitality.

Born from a desire to create an easy-to-mix gin, Seersucker's spirits bring to market a gin-taste profile that is highlighted by citrus, honey, and mint - a void previously found in the world of gin.

Founders Kimberly & Trey Azar worked for more than a year to create a taste profile that is light on the palate, includes recognizable Southern flavors, and maintains the nuances that a seasoned gin drinker could appreciate.

COVID-19 Update 4-06-20


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April 6, 2020
Dear Valued Customers,
Effective Thursday, April 9, 2020, Craft NY will implement an increased delivery minimum of 10 cases or $250 invoice total for all orders.