Leap into spring with fun new hard seltzers from Flying Embers, Spindrift Spiked, Two Robbers and Willie's Superbrew. Perfect for on the go adventures.

Then, for all of our party people, we have featured craft items for 4/20 and Cinco de Mayo.


Spring is for hard seltzer!

Flying Embers Hard Seltzers
Botanicals & Bitters

Introducing a medley of Hard Seltzers that delivers on simple sophistication -- not syrup. Flying Embers handcrafted familiar, yet distinct, flavors for your year-round al fresco enjoyment. Limited edition Flying Embers Botanicals & Bitters are available in variety 12 packs!

Blood Orange
A California take on a classic Italian aperitivo. Bittersweet blood orange complemented by herbal hints of rhubarb and citrus peel. 5.0% ABV

Black Lime Juniper
Aromatic botanicals balanced with zesty black lime peel and a hint of elderflower. This G&T inspired combo is a lighter take on an old favorite. 5.0% ABV

Cranberry Raspberry
A classic cosmo combo of jammy red fruits with a bright citrus twist. An old favorite is new again. 5.0% ABV

Spindrift Spiked Hard Seltzers

Spindrift Spiked - undeniably delicious, same real ingredients now with alcohol from cane sugar. For those vibrant, full of life moments when 4% ABV feels just right. Available in four clean flavors - pineapple, lime, mango and half and half variety 12 packs.


Two Robbers Seltzer Co.

Two Robbers Seltzer Co. is a beverage company based in Philadelphia, PA. In 2017 they set out to create the best tasting hard seltzer - one with a crisp, delicious taste, honest ingredients, no sugar and no sweeteners. They almost didn't make it. After months of development, their home was broken into and robbed - twice within a few weeks. They were *this* close to closing shop, but instead doubled down. Adversity often breeds creativity. Hence "Two Robbers." Today, their beverages are sold across thousands of retailers. And they've been told it's the best tasting seltzer out there. They hope you enjoy!

Two Robbers Chapter 3: Fruit Punch!

Three incredible new flavors:
4x Original Punch
4x Mango Punch
4x Watermelon Punch

Low carb / 100 calories / gluten free


Willie's Superbrew

Willie is a goat farmer, though “farmer” is a stretch as he keeps goats only for their friendship.  Willie is also a curious home brewer of beer, seltzer, beach plum wine, cider, kombucha, and sumptuous things in between.

Nico is a surfer. He met Willie at a Cape Cod beach volleyball game, where long rallies are more important than the score. After games, Willie would bring his refreshing brews to share. Though Nico had a neuroscience career ahead of him, he just felt Farmer Willie’s brews were something like no other. 

With no idea how to start a business, the pair started Willie’s Superbrew anyway. They launched at a local farmer’s market with the “soul mission of creating the dreamiest beverages we can.” That’s why they’re unwavering about squeezing crates of only real fruits, along with at least one superfruit, into every brew.

This mission of soul is also about having fun while doing measurably more. For a brand started on a beach, this became organizing beach cleans, with the big aim of being across every beach in the USA.

Willie's Superbrew The G.O.A.T

Real Pomegranate + Açai Superbrew:
OG superfruits pomegranate and acai berries do a double paddle board headstand of balance in this luxurious brew.

Real Mangos + Passion Fruit Superbrew:
Judges love this ride of tropical aroma and juicy real mango at take off, followed by exotic tartness of passion fruit in the pocket, and a cool wash of lime to finish.

Real Blueberries + Lemon Superbrew
The rich antioxidants and superfruit power of blueberries nicely choreograph our brew that dances with citrusy lemon. 

Real Blood Orange + Hibiscus Superbrew
This just picked, freshly squeezed brew is flooded with ripe blood oranges and elevated with tropical Hibiscus flowers.

Willie's Superbrew Happier Hour

Real Limes + Mint Superbrew
In their chop on the famous Mojito we muddled citrusy lime, bright mint, and Guanabana, a superfruit used to make fresh juices in Cuba. Enter More-jito, a happy go breezy bevvy made for more soulful sipping.

Real Cranberries + Lime Superbrew
A nod to their local home beach cranberry-heads, Caped Codder is tart and superfruit-bursting with cranberries, zippy lime, and the floral sweetness of elderflower. 

Real Ginger + Lemons Superbrew
A superfruit punch of real ginger, fresh-squeezed lemon and a touch of turmeric makes this one mighty version of the classic Moscow Mule. Be happier while playing or chilling.

Real Pineapple + Jalapeño Superbrew
With the superfruit juiciness of real pineapple and a small karate kick of jalapeño, their dynamically delicious brew elevates one of man’s greatest creations: the Spicy Marg.

Willie's Superbrew Beach-Ade

Real Peaches + Lemonade Superbrew
The ideal sitting-in-the-sand-sipping brew is juicy with real peaches and lemons and doused in hydrating coconut water and sprinkled with sea salt.

Real Limes Limeade Superbrew
Made for blissing out, their Limeade is zesty in taste, with real limes and a dash of sea salt nicely balanced with calming coconut water. 

Real Lemons + Coconut Water Superbrew
Bright and thirst-quenching superfruit lemons, refreshing coconut water mixed with a dash of sea salt…  if you could drink sunshine, it would be this superbrew.

Real Lemons + Black Tea Superbrew
The step-pep of black tea yings the yang of chilled-out lemonade and coconut water creating the ultimate bevvy for endless summer days, nights, and volleyball rallies.


Stone Brewing Enjoy By 4.20 IPA

Every year, many people (for varying reasons) count down the days until April 20th. It seems the date holds a special place in the hearts of certain folks. For Stone, the weeks leading up mean one of our favorite Stone Enjoy By IPA beers is available. Celebrate the glory of magical resinous green buds we call hops. This uber-fresh, specifically-brewed-not-to-last double IPA is the perfect way to pay homage to our favorite brewing ingredient. They recommend getting your hands on it before it goes up in… well, you get it. 9.4% ABV

Lagunitas Brewing Co. The Waldos' Special Ale

This is the one. Made in honor of the origins of 420, a triple IPA, with the help of the Waldos themselves… 11.7% ABV


Hear all the details from BrewMonster Jeremy Marshall

Blue Point Brewing Co. Legalize Wheat

This dry-hopped wheat ale is laced with some seriously potent terpenes that will transport you to another state of mind. Legalize Wheat is dank and totally bodacious. Available this April as a pub exclusive to commemorate one of our favorite days of the year. Terpenes are aromatic oils responsible for the distinctive flavors like citrus, berry, mint and pine that we perceive in many plants, herbs and yes… you guessed it, Marijuana! No cannabis was used in the production of this beer, but you should celebrate 4/20 with this trippy, sticky, dank delight. HOPS: Calypso, Mosaic, Sabro, Cashmere TERPENES: Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, and Beta- Caryophyllene create the Pineapple Express profile. 7.0% ABV



Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Stone Brewing!

Stone Brewing Buenaveza

Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager was born in Southern California, which is vibrantly influenced by their neighbors to the south. SoCal's warm weather lends itself to outdoor activities year-round. From surfing their coasts, to snowboarding and biking in the mountains, off-roading through deserted lands, or boating and fishing in their lakes and rivers, this Baja-inspired lager is the perfect companion. Brewed with just the right amount of lime and sea salt, it’s everything a lager should be – crisp, refreshing and full of flavor.

The name is pretty simple: they took “Buena” for good and “-veza” from cerveza. Because they’ve always believed good cerveza is an important part of a buena life. 4.7% ABV 

Releasing April 13th

Stone Brewing Announces
Buenavida Hard Seltzer


In Stone Brewing's quest to enable their brewers to push the boundaries of what’s possible, they took on the challenge of creating a line of hard seltzers that were so good - or rather, Buena - they simply had to show them off to the world. Brewed with nothing but great ingredients and crafted to be the festive spark to your spontaneity, Buenavida is for celebrating the good life with good people. Learn more about each stunning and festive flavor below.

Now available in variety 12 packs.

Buenavida Mango

Heady, tropical mango transports you directly to island time. 5% ABV


Buenavida Mandarin

Bright, tangy mandarin flavor. They basically bottled sunshine. 5% ABV


Buenavida Watermelon Lime

Sweet, summery watermelon balanced perfectly with tart, tangy lime. 5% ABV


Buenavida Black Cherry

Intense black cherries bursting with refreshing fruitiness. 5% ABV



ANZA Tequila

FLP $107.88
SINGLE $9.99
QT DEAL 3 $95.88 (save $12.00)


ANZA Tequila

FLP $107.88
SINGLE $9.99
QT DEAL 3 $95.88 (save $12.00)



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